Waiting for Rain

For the last several days, our weather out here in Western Nebraska has been crazy. We would have 80 degree days, then snow. Not the typical weather patterns for late May.

Right now, we have so much water on the ground, I feel like I need to invest in a kayak just to get groceries.

As I looked out at the rain yet again this morning, I found myself grumbling, frustrated and irritated at the weather. I have so many things that I feel are important to get done here on the farm, and the weather just doesn’t seem to be cooperating.

On top of being behind, the weather tends to mess with me physically and I am in more pain and not functioning properly.

But it was in this moment of frustration, of irritation from another damp day, that I was reminded of the many times I prayed for rain, truly begged God to provide moisture in the midst of a drought. I was convicted, because the same thing I prayed for, was exactly what I wanted less of. 

So what's the difference?  Timing.  

So many times we want what we want, when we want, we beg God for it, and are upset and irritated when we don’t get it, and frustrated when it comes in His time.  

That’s what it is all about. God’s time, not ours.  

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” 

The Sovereign God of the universe is under no obligation to you to do anything according to your wants, desires and timing. It is all about Him, His Glory and His purpose! 

His timing is perfect, and it always goes according to His plan.

That is the lesson for us, learn to wait upon the Lord, even if it takes months or years, and trust Him. Even if that means we endure a drought, or a flood, who knows, it may just be an answer to prayer!

Pastor J