Meet our friend, Justin Todd Herod

JTH is back Saturday June 26th and Sunday June 27th! 
Join us at one of the following events including worship:
  • FREE CONCERT at The Well Church starting at 6:30pm on Saturday 6/26/2021
  • SERMON & WORSHIP will be lead by JTH on Sunday 6/27/2021 at our usual time of 10:30am
  • CONCERT following the Guns & Hoses Game, Freewill donation on Sunday 6/27/2021 following the game, around 5:00pm at the Legion Park ballfields
Justin’s music is real, raw and from the heart, grown from his deep simple country roots, and his true love for the simple people and places he knows so well. His songs speak to the working man, the farmer, the soldier or the one living in that small town. But most importantly, to the broken and hurting that need to know the love of Jesus Christ, which is the MAIN point and desire of his music.

If you like a modern drum looped laced sound about 4-wheel drives and tailgates, he may not be your style. But if you like real and from the heart you will cherish his music and it’s message. JTH is Southern edgy and rough, but his heart is tender and it shows through in every song he writes. Justin is also a die-hard classic country artist who performs Positive Country music.  Find out more….